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“See, this is the problem with these things. Daddy would have gotten us Uzis.”

We are absolutely excited to announce our first guest for Halloweenapalooza 2021… actress Kelli Maroney!! Kelli is best known for her roles in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Chopping Mall, and of course the cult classic Night of the Comet!! She has also made television appearances in One Life to Live, Murder, She Wrote, and True Blood!

Come meet Kelli at Halloweenapalooza 2021 at the historic (and haunted) Hotel Ottumwa on October 8th & 9th in Ottumwa, Iowa!

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Halloweenapalooza is beyond thrilled to announce our next guest for Halloweenapalooza 2021… actress Lynn Lowry!!! Lynn is best known for her roles in The Crazies (the original and had a cameo in the remake!!), Shivers, I Drink Your Blood and Model Hunger!! She has also made television appearances in How to Survive a Marriage and Another World!

Come meet Lynn at Halloweenapalooza at the historic (and haunted) Hotel Ottumwa on October 8th & 9th!!

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Halloweenapalooza is THRILLED to announce our next guest for Halloweenapalooza 2021… Writer, director, producer, and actress Debbie Rochon!!! The 90’s Scream Queen of the decade, Debbie’s credits include Abducted 2: The Reunion, Axe to Grind, and in several of Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma Productions, most notably Terror Firmer and Tromeo & Juliet!!! Debbie’s has also appeared on the cover for Fangoria (and wrote her Diary of the Deb column!), Rue Morgue, Vampirella Magazine, and more!! 

Debbie also made her directorial debut with the film Model Hunger (which stars another Halloweenapalooza guest Lynn Lowry!!)


Come meet Debbie at Halloweenapalooza at the historic (and haunted) Hotel Ottumwa on October 8th & 9th in Ottumwa, Iowa!


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"I've probably done more shower scenes than any actress in history. I've done so many that I'm probably the

cleanest actress in Hollywood."

Halloweenapalooza would like to welcome our next guest... Brinke Stevens!!! Brinke has been in well over 100 films and is best known for her roles in The Slumber Party Massacre, Teenage Excorcist, and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama!! Brinke has also appeared in the documentary Screaming in High Heels: The Rise & Fall of the Scream Queen Era.


Come meet Brinke at Halloweenapalooza 2021 at the historic (and haunted) Hotel Ottumwa, October 8th & 9th in Ottumwa, Iowa.

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We're super excited that BRET & TONY WITH ASH & ABE will be performing a live podcast on Saturday!!


Bret & Tony with Ash & Abe is a podcast where four friends come together to discuss a set topic and then go randomly off-topic in ways we never imagined.


Every other week we review a random B movie that we find on Shudder. B Movies are the Best Movies.


Tweet us: https://www.twitter.com/BretandTony

Instagram: https://www.Instagram.com/BretandTony

Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/BretandTony


The hosts are (L-R): Tony Miller, Abram Kershner, Ashlyn James, and Bret Royer. New episodes every Wednesday!


Axton will be there tattooing and John-boy will be there piercing all day! These fellas will hurt you good!

Whether it is comedy or horror that you’re ailing for, Prescribed Films has the cure. Formed in 2000, PF has been working movie magic with one goal in mind, creating movies that people love to watch. 

Harley Ramsey.jpg

Harley Ramsey is the author of the novella "Judgement" (a bizarre and twisted peek into the sins of the slaughter). He's also actively involved in Haunted Houses and other seasonal spookiness. So meet a very dark and creative soul whose works of fiction will keep you awake with the lights on.

Awesome Collectibles have awesome toys and jewelry!


Art of JAR: Professional Painter, Illustrator, Comic Book Creator who combines both traditional and digital mediums.


Comics, graphic novels, toys, collectibles, games, and more!


All Custom, all the time! Featuring the award winning work of Scotty Potty! He'll be tattooing all day, so get there early!

Mike "MilKy" Baxter is a local artist with a flare for the wicked. We're super excited to have him and his amazing talents with us this year.

Death Stitch Custom Clothing.jpg

Death Stitch Custom Clothing offers 100% handcrafted, handpicked, and painstakingly matched upcycled t-shirt flannels, bags, as well as other handmade surprises at some of our shows. We put a lot of love into what we make, so you can feel the love, too.


Bigfoot for Breakfast, home of the mysterious and macabre, is a research-based entertainment podcast that is dedicated to the exploration of anything of a mysterious nature throughout the United States and beyond.


Joleene Naylor is the author of the glitter-less Amaranthine vampire universe, a world where vampires aren't for children. Comprised of a main series, a standalone prequel, and several short story collections, she has plans to continue expanding with a trilogy and several standalone novels.


High on the Hog is a grindhouse crime thriller starring horror icon Sid Haig, Joe Estevez, and Robert Z’Dar. Written and Produced by Kevin Lockhart, this exploitation film features some of the most controversial topics of our time: marijuana, dirty cops, and serial killers - all with the fun addition of sex and rock n' roll. A wild ride from start to finish, High on the Hog is an action-packed grindhouse film with heart of gold.


I’ve been creating comics and other visual stories since 2011 and launched my first print comic series, Champions, in 2016. Alongside comics, I’ve worked in numerous educational settings thanks to being a teaching artist with both the South Dakota and Nebraska arts councils.

Toy hunt by day; rock by night. The members of the punk rock band X-Ray Mary come together to talk about their other love, collecting toys. Focusing on G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, and Transformers, these guys love that colorful plastic.