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A Funeral, in My Brain - 00:02:10 - United States - Brian Thomas Marczewski - Short

A surreal adaptation of Emily Dickinson's "I felt a Funeral, in my Brain".

America Unanswered - 00:29:18 - United States - Jessi Gotta, Patrick Shearer - Short

This episode of the 1985 investigative television series AMERICA UNANSWERED aired only once. The show was then abruptly canceled. This is the only known copy.

Are You Lonesome Tonight - 00:16:00 - United States - Carrie Ferrante - Short

Claire Brooks is home alone. Isolated from her neighbors and with nothing keeping her company in her large, dark, empty house besides the TV and old records, Claire is vulnerable to whatever the night might bring. And it's about to bring a visit from her old classmate, Peter, who possesses a dark history that's tangled up in her own. But Claire isn't only not the classic damsel-in-distress he's expecting--she might also be more of a match for him than he ever imagined.

Caregiver - 00:05:00 - United States - Rafael De Leon - Short

A graduate student interviews a young volunteer caregiver for his class project, but something isn't quite right.

Dead Language - 00:04:30 - United States - Erica Stockwell-Alpert - Short

A group of amateur cultists try to summon a demon.

Dear Mirror - 00:07:57 - United States - S.J. Doss - Short

Sarah convinces her boyfriend Jason to play around with a "fun" spell instead of their nightly face-time calls. Jason reluctantly agrees, unfortunately he doesn't follow the rules and they both end up paying the price.


Devil’s Gambit - 00:10:13 - United States - Derek Smith - Short

A man addicted to underground card games is down on his luck and tries a supernatural game of chance to win back his good luck.


Diner of Poors - 00:06:40 - Canada - Mike, Chris - Short

In a dystopian society, Victoria, matriarch of a wealthy bourgeois family, invites her daughter Blanche and her husband Nelson to celebrate her daughter's birthday. In the large dining room, a Butler is on the lookout for the slightest requests from guests.


Druids: Path to R - 00:06:58 - United States - Dylan Sires - Music Video

Shrouded in mystique and driven by the invigorating power of low notes, psychedelic metal outfit DRUIDS return with their fourth studio LP "Shadow Work". With an album title referring to one of the chief ideas of the notable psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, the trio from Iowa present a wild, riff-laden journey through the desolate wastelands of the subconscious. Combining the sonic prowess of Mastodon with the psychedelic heaviness of OM, DRUIDS serve their grooves with a distinctly forward-thinking attitude, taking their witchy brand of psychedelic sludge metal to a new level of sophistication.


Familial - 00:11:25 - United States - Robert DeBoucher - Short

A reformed serial killer relapses after a long day of work. How long can he keep it a secret from his darling wife and kids?


Flesh - 00:02:03 - United States - Courtney Grawe - Short

He took her innocence. So what did she take in return?


Folk - 00:13:00 - Canada - Gabriel Miron - Short

Late on Halloween night, a girl is harassed by young trick-or-treaters with a sinister agenda.


Ghost Trippers - 00:28:20 - United States - J. William Boothman II - Short

When a skeptical motel manager skips the Halloween parties for a quiet night at work, four amateur paranormal investigators arrive with a story too bizarre not to believe. As the night progresses, strange and unexplained events start to unfold at the Tehuacana Inn. Join Alex and the Ghost Trippers as they set off to document the ultimate proof of paranormal existence.


GUTS - 00:08:04 - United States - Chris McInroy - Short

A guy with his guts on the outside of his body really wants a promotion.


I Moved to Salem - 00:08:37 - United States - Neil Willoughby - Short

In his quest for internet fame, Skyler moves to Salem, MA to pursue his spooky-centric content creator dreams. When an opportunity arises to collaborate with a famed group of Salem-based influencers, Skyler doesn't think twice before meeting them in the woods at midnight...

Jack of All Lanterns - 00:05:29 - United States - Avai d'Amico - Short

A lonely man's wish while carving a jack-o'-lantern unwitting becomes the ultimate treat and trick under a strange moon rising.


Killoween - 00:08:10 - United States - Tim Tuchrello - Short

A silent, disgruntled trick-or-treater puts a young woman through hell on Halloween night.


Knock Knock - 00:15:00 - United States - Wes Davis - Short

Jonathan waits for his mom to come over as something has been knocking around his house. Chaos ensues as he investigates what is taunting him.


La Sayona - 00:28:23 - Not Specified - Eric Kline - Documentary, Short

Taken from the case files of Paranormal Endeavors, an actual intense investigation that left a haunting memory. In the winter of 2016, the team was called out to assist a scared family in their home. The case quickly became something out of the ordinary for the team. Strange phenomenon causing pains and puking was just the beginning of this team's long, dark, and challenging night!


Lethalogica - 00:05:58 - United States - Tony Reames - Short

Relationships can be killer, but the best advice for a successful one, is patience and a short memory.


Like Michael - 00:26:00 - Not Specified - Aaron Migdon - Documentary

On Halloween in South Pasadena, fans from all over come to see the one, the classic, but not the only one dressed as the classic Michael Myers.


Masked - 00:13:00 - United Kingdom - Kevin Lockhart - Animation, Short

After being embarrassed after a night out, our main character decides to take drastic action so she doesn't fall victim to her ego and thoughts of fitting in ever again.


Memento Mori - 00:27:00 - France - Ciantar Stéphane - Short

France 1810. A group of pirates go in search of the treasure of the legendary Captain Cosa. Led by their Captain, the crew slowly sinks into the lost island without worrying too much about the various ghost stories that surround the legend...


France 1810. Un groupes de pirate part à la recherche du trésor du légendaire Capitaine Cosa. Mené par leur Capitaine, l'équipage s'enfonce lentement dans l'île perdu sans trop se soucier des diverses histoires de fantômes qui entoure la légende...


Nixon And Hogan Meet Satan - 00:15:58 - United States - Kevin Strange - Short

Stoner duo Nixon and Hogan visit Strangeville town hussie Shaniqua for some quick skins, but soon find themselves dueling the devil himself in a bong smoking contest for their very souls!


Paleface - 00:08:40 - United States - Matt Long - Short

A merciless outlaw discovers blood money has its own price as he comes face to face with a supernatural vigilante.


Pinot Roux - 00:27:40 - United States - Jana Claire Price - Short, Student

On the dark streets of Los Angeles, a young detective infiltrates a world of crime only to find that these leeches of society truly do suck blood.


Pox - 00:03:48 - Austria - Simon Young - Animation

In a burned out shack in the great American dust bowl, a pox rages through a pioneer family.


Pre-Existing - 00:09:06 - United States - Kevin Isaacson - Short

A concerned husband seeks to buy a life insurance policy for his wife but her current condition is making it very difficult.


Psychoz - 00:12:19 - France - Diego PERROTTE, Alexis PERROTTE - Short

A young man in his twenties finds himself trapped in his own psychosis when he patiently waits for his turn in the waiting room of a medical office.


Rake - 00:10:39 - United States - Christopher Mays - Student

In the midst of a toxic relationship with her mother, Lucy, a soft-spoken and tractable girl, is lured by a dark spirit and must decide whether to summon it or to endure the pain of being abused longer.


Sally's Lullaby - 00:05:00 - United States - Jonathan Cook - Short

Mom and Dad team up with their daughter Sally to get rid of a monster in her closet.


Shut The Box - 00:16:00 - United States - Brittany Benedict - Short, Web / New Media

As Jennifer finds herself aged out of the foster care system, she must clear out the house her grandfather left her.

She enlists the help of her two friends, other fosters, she met in the system. Shawn is hopeful this is the opportunity he’s been waiting for to take his relationship with Jennifer to the next level.

That is until Nick a laid-back partier shows up to add a little excitement to the mix.

Things take a dark turn when Nick suggests they play a simple game and unleash the supernatural powers of Roma.

While this game is not the game of life it is one they must play for their lives.


Slash-O-Lantern Part II - 00:09:00 - United States - Taylor McManus, Matthew McManus - Short

Kevin and James deal with the aftermath of their brush with death on Halloween night. As Hazel Falls P.D. arrive on the scene, they quickly realize the nightmare isn't over just yet.


Sleeping With The Project - 00:28:12 - United States - AG Al Mutawa - Short

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a happily married couple moves into a beautiful house, in pursuit of The American Dream. However, Alice hasn’t been herself since their move, and Cory has given her enough time and space. Now, he’s reached the point where he needs to confront her about her behavior, and he needs to know what’s causing it.


Something's Wrong With Diana - 00:02:00 - United States - Chris Gierowski - Short

Teddy seeks out help for his friend Diana who is acting strange.


The Bellman - 00:06:20 - United States - Paul South - Experimental, Short

A true homage to the 70's Italian giallo slasher genre. In this story, a scandalous woman working in an upscale hotel procures the wrong client. Will it be her last?

The Callback - 00:26:22 - United States - Sara Lynn, Nathaniel Lee - Short

An aspiring actress is asked to go on a callback, only to discover that the filmmaker's intentions are darker than she ever anticipated.


The Crooked Place - 00:06:09 - United States - Tarrell Christie - Short

While out sightseeing in the woods, two friends find themselves trapped in a man-eating forest.


The Girl of the Rift - 00:20:00 - Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - Luis Bond - Short

Anabella Morado (Anabella Gimenez) decides to spend a weekend with her best friend, Lorena Ruido (Shayla Richardson), and her boyfriend, Iván Lobo (Daniel Martinez), in a house on the outskirts of the city. This place belongs to Salvatore (Victor Gímenez), Iván's uncle, an older man who suffers from senile dementia and who is constantly repeating a strange legend about a woman who appears on holy days. Iván and Lorena disdain Salvatore's story, but Anabella is interested in it because since she arrived at the house she has noticed that there is something “strange” that seems to be observing them from afar and that it is getting closer and closer.


The Hatman Vol. II - 00:22:30 - United States - Charlie Gandez - Short

The Hatman Vol. II follows Jessica during a therapy session, as she struggles to overcome childhood trauma resulting from the events that took her family from her.


The Last Trick Or Treat - 00:04:24 - United States - Jonathan Taylor Dziuk - Short

Just when they thought Trick or Treating was over, one last guest rings the doorbell and a young couple's quiet Halloween night becomes disturbed. But hey, all he wants is some candy. Deliver the treats or face the tricks in The Last Trick Or Treat.


The Lizard and The Crow - 00:12:00 - United States - John Ousley - Short

Two rock climbers escape the city for a day trip to the forest, only to find out they may not be appreciating nature as much as they had hoped.


The Robot That Became Sentient and Killed a Shitload of People - 00:03:38 - United States - Bret Royer - Short

A robot becomes sentient and kills a bunch of people


The Vile Slugs - 00:12:00 - United States - Nick Grant - Short

A contractor is called back home from their job when their partner experiences psychic premonitions regarding an extradimensional incursion.


The Witch on Bridge Street - 00:11:08 - United States - Nathan Thomas - Short

A tourist tries to hook up with a real Salem witch.


Trick 'r Creep - 00:04:37 - United States - Seth Alan Jacobs - Short

It's Halloween 1989. Dan is handing out candy to trick 'r treaters when all of a sudden a strange man pays him a visit...


Whitetail Lake - 00:04:30 - United States - Dominic Wieneke - Short

A young couple on a date exchange scary stories.


Wicked Plans - 00:05:35 - Canada - Lee Chambers - Short

Style Dayne, the Pizza Guy from Deadpool stars as a foreign extremist from Amadajiya, who accidentally chooses Halloween to enact a moment of terror. To his surprise, he discovers that North American life and culture is truly special, unique and sweet.

October 13th & 14th

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