2-3 Days Later - 00:06:46 - United States - Brad Payne, Kristen Payne

Amazon is convenient but what if it's just turning people into mindless zombies...

A Monster Within - 00:10:40 - United States - Devin Montgomery

After an outbreak of monsters being reported, a man must fight to survive and help save his sister.

A Real Killjoy - 00:03:00 - United States - Tara Erickson

Sam Jones is stuck in a zombie apocalyptic world and is surrounded by incapable survivors. She may have found love, but she's got a zombie to contend with, and her surprise guest does her no favors. She's got a bat and, she's got guts, so only time will tell if she lives or dies.

BEG - 00:07:21 - United States - A.M. Vasquez

A man hears a woman screaming for help outside his window. He acts in an abnormal snap decision that leads to a haunting torment.

Big Fat Spider Lady - 00:05:38 - United States - Tom Pressano

Music video

Black Eyed Girl - 00:09:19 - United States - Dominic Wieneke

A fiction writer experiences real life terror when he encounters one of the infamous black eyed children.

Bloodshed - 00:12:37 - Canada - Paolo Mancini, Daniel Watchorn

Ridden with guilt after the untimely death of his wife from a rare blood disease, grief-stricken Getty turns his hobby shed into a bloody altar of worship and brutal sacrifice in his relentless search for Redemption. As he descends into madness, many will bleed... BLOODSHED. It's where you bleed.

Branching Out With The Invisible Man - 00:02:17 - Australia - Jim & Nick Zounis

A brief nostalgic piece involving a very tired and exhausted Invisible Man, suddenly being awaken to unexpected guests.

Condemned - 00:02:22 - United States - Courtney Grawe

Two traveling friends looking for an adventure find themselves living the same one forever.

Creature - 00:06:00 - United States - Larissa James

On Halloween night, a young woman is terrified into a transformation.

Deals & Devils - 00:01:47 - United States - Screw Loose

Deep in the woods a man finds the Devil.

Devil in the Details - 00:08:05 - United States - Wes Worthing

A cynical filmmaker visits a famous haunted location in order to prove there is no such thing as ghosts and demons.

Devil's in the Details - 00:04:14 - United States - Anna Owenson

A witch gets less than she bargains for when she tries to summon Satan on her ex-boyfriend. An occult comedy.

Dinner For One - 00:01:59 - United States - Brad Jacques

A dutiful housewife prepares dinner for her ungrateful husband... but tonight, the menu may not agree with him!

Ebenezer - 00:07:37 - United States - Drew Anthony

After finding a mysterious mirror, Dana is haunted by a holiday legend.

Edgar Allan Poe's THE MURDER HOUSE - 00:02:14 - United States - Vincent DiCostanzo

It's as if there's an EVIL in this house.

Empty Windows - 00:14:00 - United States - Andrew Rosenstein, Joseph Rosenstein

A little boy with schizophrenia, miraculously survives a murder suicide attempt at the hands of his mother. Haunted by the past, he stops taking medication to confront his demons.

Final Girl - 00:10:00 - United States - Edward M. Soto

Ten years after surviving a massacre, a Final Girl confronts the killer, desperately seeking some sort of closure- or at least revenge.

Golem - 00:05:00 - Australia - Ryan Cauchi

Nazi-occupied Prague, 1939. A group of German soldiers search for a fugitive Rabbi in the basement of an abandoned synagogue - unaware of the horror awaiting them.

Gretchen - the tragedy - 00:10:19 - Germany - Michael Junghanns (an adaptation of Goethe's Faust)

Gretchen, a patient in an insane asylum, tells how she became a murderer, possessed by the devil. One day she enters into a contract with Mephisto in order to win over Faust, with whom she is madly in love.

Happy Birthday - 00:07:22 - United States - Joseph Belez

It's horror movie loving Mike's birthday and his best friend has a special surprise for him.

Horror Fans of the Death Trail Killer - 00:08:05 - United States - Bret Royer, Tony Miller, Ashlyn James, Abe Kershner

Two horror movie fans become obsessed with a killer terrorizing on a trail.

HUGSNKISSES - 00:12:08 - United States - Adam Navas

A single father discovers an odd solution for his baby's insatiable crying.

Human Trash - 00:16:38 - Spain - Aitor Almuedo Esteban

A boy is thrown into a trash container from the future. In his frantic search for the exit, he runs into a misterious man, who will make him doubt the origin of his own existence.

If Likes Could Kill - 00:12:26 - United States - S.J. Doss

A short horror film about social media narcissism and the sub-themes that go with it. Tiffany and Matt get fired-up and take matters into their own hands after a heated argument with their manager Frank. Things take a turn for the worse for these social-media "celebrities", let's just hope that they learn from their mistakes.

In Darkness - 00:12:38 - Australia - Chris Smellin

A trio of masked burglars invade a middle-aged woman's house, soon they discover sometimes you must be careful whose house you break into.


In the Bowels of the Building - 00:11:01 - United States - Nikolai Basarich

An elderly janitor's cleaning routine becomes an existential battle against a mysterious and insidious goo.

Intruder - 00:02:15 - United States - Adam Mick Laughlin

An office supervisor must fight for her life when a zombie enters the bathroom.

It's My Halloween Party (You Can Die If You Want) - 00:03:56 - Canada - Justin Snikkar

In the tradition of the classic Monster Mash. Dr. Snik Presents a Halloween party song that crosses the Leslie Gore classic It's My Party, Too Sexy For My Car by Right Said Fred and Rob Zombie.

Melpomene - 00:18:07 - United States - A.M. Vasquez

Melpomene is a psychological thriller short film that follows the aftermath of Lisa Green's failure as an actress. After her play, Lisa finds herself no longer alone in her apartment. She is accompanied by a crazed fan in a mask and two corpses in her tub.

Momma, Don't Go - 00:05:32 - United States - Rafael De Leon Jr.

A mother and daughter struggle to survive a deadly home invasion.

My Monster and Me - 00:10:55 - United States - Scott Bryan

A campy twist on the Frankenstein story told with old-school practical effects, this short combines animation, live-action, and puppetry to tell the tale of a lazy horror nerd and his clueless creation. Together they navigate existential issues, grave robbing, strip clubs, ghosts, and car crashes to discover the meaning of life... and the truth about themselves.

Nocturnal - 00:17:29 - United States - Benjamin Schmidt

Owen is out for a evening stroll when he encounters a young woman named Mercy who claims she is being followed by a strange man. Owen decides to walk Mercy home, thinking he can keep her safe. However, as the night goes on, it is revealed there is more to Mercy and this strange man than it seems.

Noppera-bō - 00:08:00 - United States - Michael Field

After getting into a conversation with a bar patron, Dan reveals he doesn’t believe in being a Good Samaritan. That night, as Dan walks to his car he sees a woman crying, so he decides maybe he should change his ways. Only he discovers a faceless entity looking for more than help. Dan runs, but can’t escape the inevitable.

Part Forever - 00:12:33 - Taiwan - Alan Chung-An

In the dark hall, candles flickered faintly. A body lay in the middle of the hall. Huei and her husband Wen Hsiung came to say goodbye to Huei’s dearest sister. The seemingly calm and sad farewell ceremony seemed to hide an astonishing and dark secret......


Pizzaman - 00:10:26 - United States - Rosalie Kicks, Katie McBrown

Pizzaman tells the story of an eccentric couple, Helen and Teddy. After their young son was run down by a pizza delivery driver, they are grief stricken and vow to never eat pizza again. They've dedicated their lives to running all pizza establishments out of town and when a new shop, Pizza Heaven opens, they take revenge!

Reason to Oblivion - 00:27:10 - Japan - Yuu Miyahara

The woman run away from the big man in the lignosa. But she was caught by him and woke up in “There” .
In “There” livestock human are kept to be preyed on by the big man and his mother.
After that him forced she to feed with human flesh...

RED (2019) - 00:23:34 - United States - Donald Tjernagel

An unknown evil entity terrorizes a small town's youth and leaves local authorities and media baffled as to what is happening in their quiet middle american town.

Return of the Beast from Outer Space - 00:15:26 - United Kingdom - Max Ward

A disgraced monster movie actor decides to make his magnum opus but needs a victim to do it.

Scaring Sheri - 00:08:00 - United States - George Fraser
A young couple get more than they bargained for when they sneak into a haunt after hours,

SCRIPT - 00:08:10 - Italy - Piero Cannata

Two screenwriters, a ghost story, the night that goes on. Who will put an end to this?

Shadow and Souls - 00:17:36 - United States - Judith Foster Thompson

A folktale. Shadow, a female demon is in love with an angel. She is on a mission to destroy fellow demons to gain her own eternal light. Imagery, music, and animation guide the audience on a fantastical journey. No dialog.

She's a Devil - 00:03:40 - United States - Brian Ostering, Amanda Duncan

Mischievous devil wreaks havoc on The Wag until they receive help from the Man Upstairs!

Slash-O-Lantern - 00:06:12 - United States - Taylor McManus, Matthew McManus

It's been 3 years since a mysterious killer murdered Kevin's brother on Christmas Eve. This Halloween, Kevin faces a terrifying showdown when the masked madman returns. -- but this time, he's ready for him.

Stony Hollow - 00:16:14 - United States - Seth Alan Jacobs

When two friends decide to investigate haunted Stony Hollow Road in hopes of unraveling the urban legend Lucinda, they find themselves captive in the inescapable curse of 24 hours to live.

Straw Men - 00:20:45 - United States - Neil Willoughby

Two friends discover a sinister entity has taken residence in their hometown.

SUDOKU - 00:03:19 - United Kingdom - Ray Baker

A man finds a misprint in his Sudoku book. A fatal misprint...

The Commitment - 00:09:10 - United States - S.J. Doss

A couple from out of town go to an overpass to participate in what they think is a fun tradition for lovers. But, they don't know that their commitment to one another is about to be tested.

The Halloween Elevator - 00:03:15 - United States - Joe White

It's Halloween Night and costumed party guests take an elevator ride to the top of the penthouse; while a killer is on the loose. The Witch, Phantom, Clown and Jailbird all deal with the elevator ride together.

The Lake Parasite - 00:14:46 - United States - Joe Reilly

Toxic waste runoff from a luxury resort creates a lake monster which wreaks havoc on the exclusive resort town.

The Lord's Ladies - 00:04:49 - United States - Matthew Hunter

5 woman sacrifice men to the their lord as they are the lord’s ladies.

The Nick - 00:05:00 - Australia - Robert Smellin

Our protagonist, The Character, finds themselves in a death struggle with a wicked and evil part of their own body.

The Pumpkin Man: Demon of Fall - 00:11:50 - United States - Ryan Sheets

Jenny Scott is an amateur photographer constantly looking for abandoned landmarks to add to her portfolio. But when she visits Alpine Groves, she stumbles upon something far darker and more sinister than she could have possibly imagined... The Pumpkin Man!

The Rickety Man - 00:15:00 - United States - Cameron Gallagher

A father discovers his children are grieving their mother's death in their own terrifying way, after having met a mysterious entity in the woods.

The Tale of the Bone Collector - 00:06:29 - United States - Matthew Mark Hunter

The Uncredited - 00:12:14 - United States - Nick Burchard

After a dead body is discovered in the background of a film she appeared in as a teenager, Isabel's friends become suspicious of her mysterious past.

The Visitor - 00:06:40 - United States - Mark Palgy

When Mark leaves for the countryside to finish his book, he ends up being an unexpected visitor.

The Witch's Bargain - 00:29:59 - United States - Corey J. Trahan

The story of a witch and her quest for a spell that will grant her eternal life.

The Woods Gather - 00:08:04 - United States - Seth Alan Jacobs

Two hunters in the woods experience that really, they are the ones being hunted.

Twin - 00:11:51 - United States - Mark J. Parker

A young couple checks into a rental cottage at the end of the vacation season and finds a mysterious twin bed inside that wasn't mentioned in the online listing.

Ulven - 00:03:47 - Sweden - Albin Glasell, Erik Engbo

A drunk city boy missed the last bus ride home at night and decided it was a good idea to take a shortcut through the dark, dense woods of Torup, Sweden.
It was not a good idea.

Unmasked - 00:04:16 - United States - Kristian Day

Breed of Aggression (B.O.A.) - "Unmasked". Filmed at Circle of Ash, permanent haunt found in Central City, Iowa.

Wich - 00:04:37 - United States - Anthony Williams

It seemed like any ordinary day. Until it wasn't.

Witch Haunt - 00:09:30 - United States - Matthew Quaid

Afraid that no one will believe him, a man struggles to talk about the ghosts that have been haunting his home.

Z Investigation - 00:10:00 - Israel - Daniel Brener

After two mutilated bodies are found in the forest, the sole suspect standing near confesses to the murder and agrees to cooperate with the investigation. However, when they get to the crime scene, the reconstruction gets out of control.


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