Adam – 00:07:21 - United Kingdom - Gemma Paul - Short

Adam, a re-animated being with a tortured soul seeks out his creator when the pursuit of his mate ends disastrously.


Aim High – 00:17:41 – Canada - Daniel McGuire - Short

Brody is on his way to save his deteriorating relationship with Claire. Unfortunately for him, she’s not considering a break-up. She’s considering a murder. Chilling inner-demons battle with a hopeless romantic in this visually striking dark comedy.


Alabama and Lumpy – 00:07:0 - AJ Boulund - Animation, Short, Television

In this episode, Alabama and Lumpy go searching for treasure in the Cave of Eternal Peril and face danger along the way.


Artist's Block - 00:02:51 - United States - Diego Lacámara - Animation

A long-abandoned animated project comes to life to antagonize the artist into completing it.


Attention – 00:03:15 - United States - Nora Unkel - Short

If ever you come across Demons, do all you can to ignore them, for they feed on attention.


Automation – 01:31:00 - United States - Garo Setian - Feature

When a prototype automated worker robot named Auto has proven successful on the night shift at Alert Insulation, plans are put in motion to replace almost all the human employees with the next generation of robots -- but to Auto's dismay, he is also to be replaced by the new and improved robots -- something he refuses to accept and takes murderous action to prevent.


Bl nd Sp t – 00:11:59 - United States - David B. Jacobs - Short

In this celebratory parody of terrible B horror films, five teens are hunted through the woods by Doctor Vision, a mad eye doctor who's found a way to appear invisible: by hiding in the eye's natural blind spot!


Body in the Bath – 00:23:00 - United States - Nigel Ball - Short

Two stoners find a body in the bath. Not knowing what to do for the best, they decide to bury the body, but it's at this point things become horribly out of control.


Cole & Colette – 00:05:48 - Matt Boda - Short

Amid a rash of kidnappings, a woman fears someone is trying to break into her home.


Crazy For The Blonde – 00:17:59 - United States - Mark Clauburg - Short

Two serial killers compete for the same victim, a blonde-haired woman who has plans of her own.


Dead Air – 00:16:25 - United Kingdom - Geoff Harmer - Short

Dead Air is a Comedy Horror about 'Monster Kitten' - an all-female punk rock band - who get caught up in a fight with little gremlins in a plane at 30,000ft whilst heading to the last gig of their comeback tour.


Double Bill (Blood Oaks/Sex Demon) – 00:15:11 - United States - Joseph Vrenick, Chance Whitlatch - Short, Student

Writer/director Joseph Vrenick presents the ultimate Grindhouse experience in about 15 minutes. Starting with a fake trailer for a fake movie Blood Oaks, followed by the featured short, Sex Demon. A movie about a young couple's big night being rudely interrupted by demonic possession and the only person who can get rid of the demon is the wannabe punk kid with a convention bought spellbook that turns out to be the real deal.


Druids – Shivast – 00:05:28 - United States - Kristian Day - Music Video

A horror drenched psychedelic dream about a person's end of life journey to meet the beast she created.


Everybody Said – 00:03:18 - United States - Brian Ostering. Amanda Duncan - Music Video

"Beautiful woman, unbalanced by madness, poisons her companions -- but why? Are they friends? Her bandmates? Her doctors? Who can tell…"


Firstborn – 00:06:43 - United States - Erica Stockwell-Alpert - Short

A man attempts to sacrifice his son, but isn't prepared for what he summons


Five Course Meal – 00:06:00 – Canada - James Cadden - Short

Mark and Jenny agree to take part in a mysterious experiment for money. Things get exceptionally messy.


Framed – 00:08:00 – Ireland - Caroline Farrell - Short

Artist Joe’s fantasy is to paint his beautiful muse into one of his gothic paintings. His wish is about to be granted... though not in the way he could ever have imagined…


Good Man - Honour your Father and Mother – 00:09:59 – Italy - Daniele Zinelli - Short

A Priest will face the hard choice of whether to save his soul or reliability. What on earth will he do?

I Was A Teen-Aged Space Man From Space – 00:03:00 - United States - Vincent DiCostanzo - Short

A loving homage to the b-movie genre.


Jane – 00:10:35 - United States - Mitchell Keeran - Short, Student

An enthusiastic freshman, Sidney, is excited to be joining a sorority called Sigma Kappa. The girls love Sidney, but insist that she go through the same initiation that everyone else did to get into the sisterhood; by attempting to summon the ghost of a bullied girl who died years ago at the college.


Jason Goes Home – 00:05:37 - United States - Chris Hawkinson - Documentary, Short

A glimpse into the life of Jason Voorhees, after he decides to stop killing and settles down in suburbia with his wife and new job.


LOBISOME – 00:10:55 – Spain - Juan De Dios Garduño - Short

Jorge and Iván receive a simple assignment: steal a briefcase and deliver it to their client in the bathrooms of an airport. What they did not imagine is that the briefcase contains a thousand-year curse.


Luna – 00:10:33 - United States - Ross Williams - Short

A young boy is haunted, while his parents grieve a death in the family.


Manny – 00:07:25 - United States - Lorenzo Truino - Short, Student

Stuck on the night shift, a security guard encounters a mysterious package that is not what it seems.


Mirror Midnight – 00:05:26 – Italy - Luigi Parisi - Short

On Halloween night, a teenager reads an ancient legend: if you walk backward with a lighted candle up to a mirror, you can see in the reflection, the face of the man who will love all life. But be careful: the ritual must be performed with the full moon and during the twelve strokes of midnight.


Mommy's Little Monster – 00:11:52 - United States - Patrick Green - Short

A mother and son on the run, escape to an isolated mountain cabin where their fears catch up with them.


Movie Night – 00:05:53 - United States - Joe Stevens - Short, Student

A young couple sits down to watch a movie, only to have their evening interrupted by a mysterious intruder.


NOM - 00:10:25 – Spain - Angel Hernández Suarez - Short

An old cyclist sets off on the last journey with an uncertain end…


One Last Meal – 00:11:00 - United States - Jill Gevargizian - Short

Today's the day the Missouri madman Otis Boyle finally gets executed. The Warden and his Captain of the Guards, York, have been looking forward to this for years, but they could never have prepared themselves for his last request. As Warden insists upon fulfilling their most notorious inmate's twisted demand in the name of "tradition" and "protocol," York struggles to keep up in order to keep his job -- no matter how much it asks of him.


Ouroboros – 00:11:27 – Turkey - Umut Utku Serbetci - Short

Following his beloved wife's death, a desperate man attempts to bargain with dark powers in return for a chance of atonement, but the price is always high with magic.


Plasmid – 00:13:50 - United States - Roshni Bhatia - Short

A young nurse must fight for her life when her house has been invaded by an unearthly intruder.


Play Date – 00:07:46 - United States - Herb Cremer, Joe Cremer - Short

A young girl is lured into her neighbor's house to meet a new friend and share some birthday cake. What could possibly go wrong?


Playtime's Over – 00:10:48 - United States - Tony Reames - Short

The only thing Dee loves more than classic horror movies is terrorizing the babysitter. It's New Years Eve, Dee's parents are looking forward to one of the rare nights without their angel. Little does Laurie, the new babysitter know, the fifty bucks an hour won't cover the years of therapy needed after spending one night with Dee and her stuffed friends.



Popsy – 00:29:58 - United States - Jac Kessler - Short

Briggs Sheridan can't chase his gambling-dragon fast enough, and when it looks to cost him more than a few broken limbs, he unwittingly puts more skin in the game than intended.


Psychic Master – 00:12:17 - United States - Chenyang Shu - Short, Student

Louis pretend to have psychic powers to connect his souls with the dead. He makes a lot of money doing fake ceremonies for people who lost their families. Until one time he got himself and his ex-girlfriend into a real psychic case which could cause their lives.


Requiem for a Slasher – 00:16:00 - United States - C.G. Noir - Experimental, Short

Since the 1984 Hubert Humphrey High Halloween Bash Massacre, every few years a select group of young adults are brutally murdered, and the authorities are left, once again, without any leads. Rumors have persisted that these heinous crimes are the work of the supposed "Yearbook Killer", a madman who deems himself judge, jury, and executioner for the cruelty today's youth inflicts upon its peers. The truth can never stay buried and, one way or another, the secret will come out and those who thought their sins were forgotten will have to face them if they intend to stop the bloodshed once and for all in this experimental slasher short.


SAVE 2.0 – 00:07:00 – Spain - Ivan Sainz-Pardo - Short

"Night falls, a dog how breaks the night"


Scarlet Cay – 01:29:00 - United States - Adam Newman - Feature

Desperate for a relaxing getaway, Franny and her fiance arrive at the picturesque beach town of Scarlet Cay, where their unexpected house guests may not be what they seem…


Self Sabotage – 00:10:00 - United States - Brialynn Massie - Experimental, Short

A girl recovering from a failed suicide attempt, struggles with the guilt of feeling like she is destroying everything and everyone she loves.


Shadow At The Door – 00:03:43 - United States - Roshni Bhatia - Short

In Roshni Bhatia’s short film, Shadow at the Door, a troubled young woman searches for an intruder in her home unaware that what she’s really looking for maybe something she refuses to see.


Sharp Candy - Tohell Road – 00:25:00 - United States - Dylan R. Nix - Short

A brother and sister are on their way to Halloween rave when they take a short cut and wind up in a hellish nightmare.


She Must Vanish – 00:14:00 – Canada - Kyle Martellacci - Short

Residents in a seaside town succumb to the malevolence of a witch, who sets a fury in motion.


Skinhead - 00:10:44 - United States - Jenny Popovich - Short

Fiction becomes reality when a horror novelist, Sarah, encounters Eddie, a cold-blooded killer.


The Burial – 00:24:55 - United States - Jack Meggers - Short

Abby is a young American woman, a recent college drop out, of Native American and Caucasian descent. She is called to her childhood home, the upper Mississippi River valley, after the death of her estranged father. There, she is tasked with burying a father she hardly knew. Once back in the tiny river town she called home as a child, Abby runs into her childhood friend, Haley, and Haley’s new boyfriend, the charismatic yet threatening Tyler. Avoiding her responsibility, Abby carouses with her small-town friends. The threesome heads downriver and in the woods, they discover an undocumented ancient Indian burial mound, a remnant of a 1,800-year-old indigenous society. Their exploits disturb the sacred space, and an ancient sickness is awakened inside them. The friends turn against each other and must fight for survival.


The Devil's Ball – 00:07:13 - United States - Luz Cabrales - Short

Play a forbidden game... go to hell... how will you come back?


The Ebbing – 00:13:17 - United States - Kevin Patrick Murphy - Short

A desperate mother is haunted by nightmare visions and clues as to what happened to her missing daughter.


The Eyes That See In The Dark – 00:09:50 - United States - S.J. Doss - Short

When a demon bounty hunter is summoned to an exorcism, it discovers something more darker than why it was originally called upon.


The Final Girl Returns – 00:15:58 - United States - Alexandria Perez - Short

A driver emerges from a massacre unscathed and finds himself trapped in an endless cycle of saving the final girls. The Driver soon learns that one mustn’t fight the rules of horror, and the past he’s been driving from catches up to him.



The Itch – 00:11:48 - United States - Connor McIntyre - Short

At the first sign of an itch, Addy feels like something could be very wrong. With constant deflection by her husband and doctor, Addy decides to take matters into her own hands.


The Last Call – 00:17:51 - United States - Marcus Slabine - Short

Today is legendary radio DJ Harry Cunningham's final day working at WHUD FM radio before he makes the transition to XM. He came into work expecting to just do a clip show, takes some calls, and say his goodbyes. However, when a strange caller demands he unearth a dark secret live over the radio, Harry refuses. One by one everyone in the station is being picked off by this strange caller who only has one the tape or DIE.


The Pickman Model – 00:07:01 - United States - Tim Troemner - Short

What's the secret behind Richard Pickman's unearthly art? Join Pickman as he walks you through his three-part model to artistic success!

The Poet in the Attic – 00:12:40 - United States - Steven Shade - Short

A poet in the 19th century finds a magic quill that brings whatever is written to life. With it he attempts to bring back his dead lover.


The Raven – 00:13:00 – Ireland - Damian Draven - Short

The Raven tells the story of a poet longing for his lost love. Edgar Allan Poe's masterpiece comes to life.


The Talk – 00:16:45 - United States - Cameron Voris - Short

A young girl prepares for her "first time" and shares a heart to heart with her mother. Meanwhile, her father is left to attend to his daughter's date for the evening. Needless to say, the night gets a little intense…


The Witch Hunters are Coming – 00:12:36 - United Kingdom - James Atkins - Short

Spoof reality TV documentary following a day at work for two London council witch hunters.


There's Nothing in the Shed – 00:01:52 - United States - David Axe - Short

You had your chance to be you.


Top Secret! - 00:04:28 - United States - Tarrell Christie - Music Video, Short

Classified government files from the 1960's to 1970's chronicle the friendship between an agent and his alien partner. The song "Good Enough" by Stoop Kids was used under the Creative Commons License.


Trapped – 00:23:17 - United States - Billy Chizmar - Short, Student

When her weekend hike goes horribly wrong, Katie must use every ounce of strength to survive -- but is it enough? From the minds of Stephen King and Richard Chizmar.

Trypophobia – 00:05:45 – Australia - Oscar, Axel Thorborg - Short

A young woman auditions for a film while struggling to come to terms with her son's death.


Urban Scout – 00:10:00 - United States - Matthew Vaughan - Short

A group of inner city boy scouts set out for an overnight camping trip. What is meant to be a fun learning experience quickly escalates into a nightmare for them all.


Whence Come Brussels Sprouts – 00:02:25 - United States - Mark Reynolds - Animation, Short

A ghastly truth.


Wicken – 00:07:36 - United Arab Emirates - Faisal Hashmi - Short

A young woman Skyping with her long distance boyfriend late night realizes that an ancient evil presence may have been unleashed upon her.


You Too – 00:06:33 - United States - Teddy Tenenbaum - Short

A woman is followed on campus, until events take an uncommon turn.


Zombie Bites Werewolf – 00:09:13 - United States - Charlie Anderson - Short

A hapless werewolf is bitten by a zombie on the day of a full moon. High jinks ensue.


You can download the film schedule here!


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